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The future is racing towards us quickly.

Faster, perhaps, then most of us even realize at this point in our evolution. We are being transformed from a carbon burning society into something much wiser–the shape of which is just starting to emerge in mist before us.

The late visionary Buckminster Fuller used to say that our survival on earth depended on ‘ephermalization.’ That’s the ability of technology to do “more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.” This will result in an ever-increasing standard of living despite finite resources. The good news is that we are all millionaires. We just don’t know it yet. We only have to exploit the clean, natural energy that is all around us.

Green Energy Outlet is our humble attempt to provide ‘interesting’ products that help advance this transformation.

Frank Rogers, President – Green Energy Outlet

P.S. Check out this video of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion  car. It can carry 11 people, get 30 miles per gallon, and hit speeds of 90 miles per hour – and this was in 1933.

About GEO

Green Energy Outlet (GEO) is a trade name of the parent company Diversified Products LLC, which has been selling environmentally friendly products—such as Hawaiian SunGuard and White Lava reflective roof coatings, as well as PhotoVoltaic attic vents, since May 2004.

We now have expanded into the Cool Roof Store selling a larger selection of cool roof coatings. Check out the many options for the different types of roofs. Find out the benefits of a cool roof and choose what’s best is for your roof.

Frank Rogers

I am the President of Green Energy Outlet (GEO). I am also the President of LeakMaster Roofing and Waterproofing. I have been a licensed contractor in the State of Hawaii since 1979. After 30 years in Kailua , I have decided to open a larger, flagship office in Central Honolulu, in the midst of this recession.

By the way, let me make this clear, I am not an expert in the field of solar or wind power. Far from it. My expertise is in installing highly reflective Cool Roof, Wall and Deck coatings to make buildings both waterproof and comfortable to live in. We then started selling PhotoVoltaic (PV) attic vents as well as installing the roofs underneath both PV and Solar projects. That’s how we got our start in the Green business.

The real experts in this field are the old timers in the solar industry. That’s why I partner with them. I am only a “curious amateur” who enjoys learning the latest technology from them. I rely on their expertise when trying to decide what products to sell. I’m always the most confident when I’m on the right side of evolution.

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