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One of the main tasks of the LGB (Brandenburg State Survey and Geobase Information) is to collect basic geodata, manage it in technical systems and make it available to everyone. The LGB provides up-to-date and accurate basic geodata from every corner of Brandenburg.

Whether for location analyses, forest fires, police deployment planning, spatial planning, environmental and nature protection, real estate valuations or vehicle navigation — geodata provides the basis for reliable decisions everywhere.

Landscape data, aerial photo data (orthophotos), administrative boundaries, terrain models, house coordinates (georeferenced address), 3D building data, topographical and many other digital products and services can be obtained free of charge from the Geobroker.

The LGB is also a geo-service provider for other authorities and institutions in the state of Brandenburg. The portfolio ranges from consulting and conception to the creation and operation of geo-applications. LGB also offers card and graphic designs, reproductions and printing services. For us, these offers mean delivering quality and expertise from a single source.

Geodata is not only available in the LGB. Many specialist administrations have geodata. The cross-national and departmental networking of geodata in Germany should be achieved with the German Spatial Data Infrastructure (GDI-DE®) can be achieved. The contact point of the GDI-DE in the state of Brandenburg was set up in the LGB. The LGB also provides services for other institutions in the country when it comes to making geodata available in accordance with the obligations arising from the EU INSPIRE Directive.

Of course, this is only an excerpt of our activities. Simply visit our website to find out more about the legal tasks of the LGB and see for yourself the geodata products and services offered. We are happy to be your partner when it comes to geodata and geo-applications. This is not only part of our self-image, but is also firmly anchored in the LGB mission statement. The employees of the LGB will be happy to assist you.

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