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About mundialis

At mundialis, we work with free geodata and free software in the remote sensing environment.

In doing so, we generate spatial information while developing free and open source software. Both form the core of tailor-made GIS solutions, which are implemented in a customer-oriented manner.

We work scientifically with regional, national and international project partners.

mundialis focuses on the use of free geodata, such as the European Copernicus program or the open data offerings of the federal states. From these huge amounts of data, we generate spatial information in the form of map and data products as well as web services. To do this, we develop innovative GIS and remote sensing methods using artificial intelligence and machine learning. We implement these in software designed individually according to customer requirements. The basis is the geographic information system GRASS GIS and the cloud-based geoprocessing platform actinia, which we are continuously expanding and making available as free and open source software. It is just as important to us to maintain and publish metadata about our data and services in publicly accessible catalogs.

With our work, we have already been able to convince international organizations, national and regional players and private companies. These include the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ruhr Regional Association, Deutsche Telekom AG and the World Wide Fund For Nature - Switzerland (WWF CH).

In addition to our content-related work, we see ourselves as an environmentally conscious and sustainable company that makes a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Many of our projects focus on preserving and restoring natural resources and improving living conditions. Examples include the restoration of tropical ecosystems, the analysis of urban green spaces, the monitoring of infectious diseases or satellite-based disaster management.

By using and publishing open source software, we are part of an active and collaborative community in which everyone benefits through open and fair principles. This enables low-threshold and long-term use and further development of our software.

mundialis combines many years of experience in open source development with scientific know-how and agile project management. Our dynamically growing team combines considerable professional experience, language skills and professional skills: in total, we offer over six decades of experience in the remote sensing environment — speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic and Japanese — and have expertise in geography, geodesy, geoinformatics, physics, biology and water resources management, among others — we have a lot to offer!

We are looking forward to talking to you, discussing your challenges and working out possible solutions together.

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