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The Ruhrverband — an operational water management company

The Ruhrverband is a public water management company with no intention of making a profit. Both when operating its dams, which ensure the water supply of 4.6 million people, and when treating wastewater for 60 cities and municipalities in the Ruhr and Lenne catchment area, people and the environment are at the center of his actions, without neglecting the requirement of economic efficiency.

The Ruhrverband is a supra-regional water management service provider. Our employees work at the plants along the Ruhr and at the headquarters in Essen.

The qualifications of the people who work for the Ruhrverband are as diverse as the company's range of tasks. The Ruhrverband employs engineers, waste water experts, sewage technology specialists, fitters, technicians, forestry and fish farmers, chemists, biologists, laboratory assistants, lawyers, IT specialists and specialists for all areas of administration.

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