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Do Cologne!

Your city. Your job.

We're doing Cologne! more beautiful, stronger, more livable, more colorful — in short: better.

Cologne City Council — admittedly, that doesn't sound quite as exciting at first. But for us, a job with the city means anything but dusty offices or scheme F. This is due, of course, to the city of Cologne itself, which is just as known for its joie de vivre, cosmopolitanism and internationality, as well as as as a cultural capital, sports metropolis and an important location for industry, trade and science. All of this makes Cologne as special as it is. And that is exactly what determines the actions of our employees, who love their city and the people who live here do their best.

We have city managers, engineers, gardeners, traffic monitors, educators, IT professionals, doctors, figures and eloquents, culture and history enthusiasts, innovative thinkers and many more who shape public life in our city and make Cologne as special as it is.

By the way, we offer much more than office jobs in all our departments and around 80 offices and offices. We are therefore an employer for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and at the same time a modern service provider who comprehensively advises and supports Cologne residents in all situations of life. We are making Cologne fit for the future!

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