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Civil engineer or architect (m/f/d) in the area of building technology, land recycling at the Office for Real Estate, Surveying and Cadastre of the City of Cologne

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At the Office for Real Estate, Surveying and Cadastre, a position in the real estate department as an engineer (m/f/d) specialising in architecture and civil engineering in the “Building Technology, Area Recycling” team is to be filled with immediate effect.

Among other things, the Office manages built-up urban properties that are not special assets of the building industry or are under the professional responsibility of other departments (for example schools, daycare centers, museums, homeless and refugee accommodation). There are around 350 properties of various types, such as apartments, commercial buildings, theaters, forts and urban underground car parks and parking garages.

Due to the different types of real estate and uses, this is a varied task related to the technical support of land and buildings.

An interesting task awaits you, which requires creativity and has little routine. They have the opportunity to contribute their own ideas to a process and develop solution strategies.



  • have overall responsibility for the technical, scheduling and cost planning, commissioning and construction management (including all associated audit and approval) of termination and exemption measures, including prior preparation of contract-compliant service specifications in accordance with DIN 276 (currently DIN 276:2018-12) with preparation of cost estimates including procurement management
  • commission and supervise renovation and repair measures
  • For example, check design and execution plans in connection with the work to be carried out
  • Have construction management and implementation responsibility for all tasks associated with the property management assigned to you, possibly involving external service companies
  • carry out acceptance of general construction services including necessary deficiencies, control, correction, advance accounting, booking of invoices for the property, processing of warranty claims
  • perform building owner and project management tasks, coordinate external planning offices and bill external services
  • perform legally regulated operator obligations with regard to technical building equipment, in particular for fire protection systems in need of inspection, elevators and storage containers for water-containing substances
  • Commit municipal properties regularly, in particular as part of the road safety obligation, document the results, arrange for the elimination of risks and restore road safety

Mr. Engels, telephone 0221 221-23227 or Mr. Kaser, telephone 0221 221-23381 will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the area of responsibility


You have successfully completed a degree in architecture or civil engineering in the field of building construction or a comparable subject (at least FH diploma or bachelor).

Graduates from other courses of study (at least FH diploma or bachelor) with equivalent skills and experience are also admitted if they have at least three years of relevant professional experience in a technical area.

In addition to the above-mentioned degree, civil servants are required to have the qualification of career group 2, 1st entrance office of the technical service (formerly senior technical service).



  • Have several years of professional experience with in-depth knowledge of similar functions and areas of responsibility (building construction, renovation and demolition)
  • have the ability to work conceptually and carefully
  • have experience in managing and managing construction and maintenance measures
  • are experienced in applying relevant legislation and technical regulations as well as requirements within the scope of operator responsibility, in particular with regard to special buildings
  • have knowledge and experience in procurement management
  • deliver good quality of work with high efficiency and a high focus on results
  • are used to working independently and on their own initiative
  • are characterized by your communication and team skills
  • are innovative and think creatively, particularly with a view to preventing illegal use of vacant real estate
  • are prepared to make your working hours flexible according to the function and task
  • have diversity conviction and gender competence
  • Can safely handle an AVA program (tendering, awarding, billing)
  • are in possession of a class B or 3 driving license (old) and are prepared to use the private car for official purposes, as local appointments must be made frequently
  • Have the right to submit a building proposal from the NRW Chamber of Architects (AKNW)

We not only offer you a financially future-proof job with all the benefits of public service, but also a regular weekly working time of 39 hours for

employees and 41 hours for civil servants. Employment is possible on a part-time and full-time basis.
The position is rated according to grade 11 of the collective agreement for the public service (TVöD) for employees or according to grade A 11 career group 2 (formerly

senior service) in accordance with the Remuneration Act for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (LBESG NRW) for civil servants.
The salary range in pay group 11 (TVöd-vka) is between 4,032.38€ (experience level 1) and 5,975.19€ (experience level 6) for full-time employment. Your professional experience is gladly taken into account when assigning it to the level of experience within the pay group, as far as possible under collective bargaining law.
The recruitment is for an indefinite period.

We also offer you:

  • Future security even in difficult (re) times
  • flexible working hours and work-life balance
  • a centrally located workplace in the town house in Köln-Deutz with good public transport connections, company canteen, but also home office options
  • Tariff increases and a special annual payment — an attractive company pension
  • an annual performance-based payment
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Training opportunities
  • Offer of a discounted Germany ticket for tariff workers
  • 30 days annual vacation, as well as usually off duty on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and
    Shrove Monday

Further reasons that speak for us as an employer can be found at:

Would you like to find out more about the benefits of working for the city of Cologne?

Ms. Pinger will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, telephone 0221 221-28968

Your application:

If you too want to make Cologne more livable, please apply using the reference number 193/24-05-GiPi by 22.06.2024 at the latest as follows:

City of Cologne

The Oberbürgermeister Personnel and Administrative Management

Applicant Center (114/11) Willy-Brandt-Platz 2

50679 Cologne

or preferably:


We actively promote equality between women and men as well as the diversity of all people in administration.

We therefore welcome applications from people of color, people of all nationalities, religions and worldviews, sexual orientations and gender identities, of all ages, and people with disabilities. We are also looking forward to applications from people with a family history of migration, in particular refugee history.

The city of Cologne is a holder of the TOTAL E-QUALITY — Commitment to Equal Opportunities for Women and Men as well as the additional DIVERSITY Award and the Professional Family Audit Certificate — Reconciliation of Work and Family.

In the STEM sector (mathematics, computer science, technology), women are expressly addressed and asked to apply.

We offer flexible working hours and forms, which can also be combined with mobile working. These are based on the various life models and personal and official concerns.

As a public employer, we support the goal of integrating disabled, severely disabled and equal people into working life with our inclusion agreement. Severely handicapped people

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Civil engineer or architect (m/f/d) in the area of building technology, land recycling at the Office for Real Estate, Surveying and Cadastre of the City of Cologne

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