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Surveyor/Engineer/Architect (m/f/d) in the Department of Land Valuations at the Office for Real Estate, Surveying and Cadastre of the City of Cologne

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The Office for Real Estate, Surveying and Cadastre Deals with the Kölner Land, with the Valuation and Measurement of Land, with the Proof of Land in the Official Real Estate Register and the Land Regulations.

The Department for Property Value Investigations In its function as branch of the Expert Committee for Real Estate Values in the City of Cologne, makes an important contribution to creating transparency on the Cologne real estate market. The Department also acts as an internal city service provider on the subject of real estate values as well as rental and lease values for all municipal offices. Due to the size of the department (around 40 people), professional exchange is always guaranteed.

We are looking for a Surveyor or Engineer (m/f/d) in the Department of Real Estate Valuations for the Area of Real Estate Valuations and Urban Valuation in the Department of Real Estate Value Investigations (in the districts of Chorweiler, Porz, Kalk and Mülheim), urban valuation and rental valuations.

After an induction phase, work independently and get involved with the exciting and diverse properties of the Cologne City Council. The majority of office work is supplemented by local viewing appointments.



  • Evaluate developed and undeveloped land as well as land-related rights and burdens
  • Are responsible for evaluating the purchase price
  • Develop soil reference value suggestions

Mr. Tatz, telephone 0221 221-23056 or Mr. Hagemann, telephone 0221 221-26042 will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the area of responsibility


You have successfully completed a degree as an engineer specializing in surveying (Fachhochschule diploma or bachelor). Alternatively, you have completed a real estate-related engineering degree (for example architecture or civil engineering).

Civil Servants also have the Authority of Category 2, 1st Entrance Office of the Surveying Service (formerly Senior Surveying Administrative Service).



  • Have good professional knowledge in determining the value of real estate
  • Bring knowledge of valuation regulations
  • Have professional knowledge of construction and planning law as well as all property law
  • High goal orientation, willingness to learn and perform as well as digital competence
  • Above-average team orientation
  • Have a strong ability to work independently combined with a high level of personal initiative
  • Have gender competence and diversity conviction
  • Have knowledge of Sprengnetter-akuk (purchase price collection) and the geoinformation software QGIS as well as in the area of statistics
  • Have knowledge of the basics of calculating residential, utility, floor and other areas required for determining rent value
  • Have good local knowledge of Cologne's urban area


We not only offer you a financially future-proof job with all the benefits of public service, but also regular weekly working hours of 39 hours for employees and 41 hours for civil servants.

The position is rated according to grade 11 of the Collective Agreement for Public Service (TVöD) for employees or according to grade A 11 Category 2 (formerly senior service) under the Remuneration Act for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (LBESG NRW) for civil servants.

The salary range in grade 11 (TVöd-vka) is between 4,032.38€ (experience level 1) and 5,975,1€ (experience level 6) for full-time employment. A current pay table can be found, for example, at
Your professional experience is gladly taken into account when assigning it to the level of experience within the pay group, as far as possible under collective bargaining law.
The recruitment is for an indefinite period. Employment is possible on a part-time and full-time basis.

They are part of an important sustainable activity with social significance.

We offer you
  • Future Security Even in Difficult (re) Times
  • flexible working hours and work-life balance
  • A centrally located workplace in the town house in Cologne-Deutz with good public transport connections but also home office options
  • Training opportunities
  • 30 days annual vacation, usually off duty on New Year's Eve and Rose Monday
  • Tariff Increases and a Special Annual Payment
  • An attractive company rent
  • An annual performance-based payment

Further reasons that speak for us as an employer can be found at:

Would you like to find out more about the benefits of working for the city of Cologne?

Ms. Pinger wants to be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, telephone 0221 221-28968

Your application:

If you too want to make Cologne more livable, please apply using the reference number 559/23-05-GIPI by 22.06.2024 at the latest as follows:

City of Cologne - The Lord Mayor
Personnel and administrative management
Applicant Centre (111/22)
Willy-Brandt-Platz 2
50679 Cologne

or preferably:

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We actively promote equality between women and men as well as the diversity of all people in administration.

We therefore welcome applications from people of color, people of all nationalities, religions and worldviews, sexual orientations and gender identities, of all age groups, and people with disabilities. We are also looking forward to applications from people with a family history of migration, in particular refugee history.

The City of Cologne Is the Bearer of the Praedicate TOTAL E-QUALITY — Commitment to equal opportunities for women and men As well as the additional predicate DIVERSITY And the certificate Professional and Family Audit — Reconciliation of Work and Family.

In the STEM sector (mathematics, computer science, technology), women are expressly addressed and asked to apply.

We offer flexible working hours and forms, which can also be combined with mobile working. These are based on the various life models and personal and official concerns.

As a public employer, we support the goal of integrating disabled, severely disabled and equal people into working life with our inclusion agreement. Severely disabled and equivalent applicants are given particular consideration if they are equally qualified.

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Surveyor/Engineer/Architect (m/f/d) in the Department of Land Valuations at the Office for Real Estate, Surveying and Cadastre of the City of Cologne

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